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Find Out With A “No Risk” Patient Engagement Opportunity Analysis

Introductory Trial Offer

To kick off the in roll out of Engage Your Patients TM, we are making the following Introductory” Get To Know Us” offer to physicians and their provider organization partners.

If your provider organization signs up during this trial offer we will conduct a Patient Engagement Opportunity Analyses – Enhanced Version on up to 20 of your physicians for the introductory price of $3,500.  This is 50% off our retail price.  

The Enhanced Version includes the same detailed analysis by our experts of patient engagement opportunities included in our Basic Version.  It also includes comments and feedback from the actual patients that participated in the recorded exam room visit.   Physicians clients will receive a recording (audio/video) of each visit submitted along with tie-stamped annotated comments, finding and recommendations for each patient engagement opportunity identified.  This will give physicians a 3600 view of their patient engagement potential.  

We are so convinced of the value clients will receive from this special offer that we are offering a 100% money back guarantee to clients if not completely satisfied. 

Here are some of the things your physicians will learn from a Patient Engagement Opportunity Analyses:

  • How well they “engage” patients in brief conversations about high value topics like:
    • The patient’s use of patient portals and health apps
    • Their communication preferences
    • Psycho-social issues
    • Their involvement in shared decision-making
    • Medication adherence
    • Self care efficacy
    • Health literacy
    • Understanding of what they were told
  • How “engaging” they are when patients try to initiate a high value conversations like:
    • Seeking information (asking questions)
    • Requesting a test or service
    • Expressing an emotion (fear, concern, depression)
    • Sharing an opinion or expectation
    • Expressing a disagreement

Each physician will receive a summary report detailing their finding from the analysis along with recommendations for closing identified “engagement gaps.”

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Our “No Risk” Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident in the unique value of the Patient Engagement Opportunity Analysis to your physicians that we make you this guarantee.   If you are not completely satisfied with , Mind the Gap Academy will refund 100% of your payment. 

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 This Service Is Ideal For Physicians, Medical Groups, Hospitals, ACOs and Health Plans Interested In:

  • Developing or “re-imagining” their approach to patient engagement, including strategies and tactics.
  • Finding creative, new ways of meeting Meaningful Use Requirements
  • Increasing patient use of portals, health apps, sharing patient data, and the like.
  • Engaging physicians in patient engagement and patient satisfaction initiatives.
  • Exploring new opportunities for improving care delivery and visit productivity, reducing cost and improving the patient experience.